Herman Cain's campaign raised more than $1 million in each week of October, meaning that the former Godfather's Pizza CEO has now raised more this month than in the entire third quarter, according to NBC News.

Cain raised $2.8 million between July and September, lagging behind other top-tier candidates. Mitt Romney raised $14 million in the third quarter, while Rick Perry brought in $17 million.

Cain is now on track for big money of his own; if the campaign is able to maintain his current fundraising pace, he could bring in more than $12 million in the fourth quarter. But he still faces an uphill battle, as Perry and Romney can rely on their sizable war chests and existing ground operations. Cain has thus far been running with a skeleton staff in key primary states, although the campaign announced a round of hiring last week.

Cain is not the only one to post major fundraising numbers out of the gate in October. A Ron Paul "money bomb" fundraiser launched last week has already raised $2.75 million, according to a ticker on his website. Meanwhile, Romney has seen a number of wealthy donors and Republican activists join his campaign after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie opted out of the race.