Only Rick Santorum reported not using chartered planes while campaigning.

Paul and Bachmann's higher totals can partially be explained by the fact that both are still sitting members of Congress, and need to travel from primary states back to Washington. But Bachmann in particular has not spent much time in the District, having missed every vote during the month of September, and 54 percent of votes since she announced her candidacy in June, according to Roll Call.

Paul has been noted for his frequent use of private planes on even short journeys. In July, Paul used a jet to fly between Ames, Iowa and Cedar Rapids, cities just a two-hour drive apart according to Bloomberg.

Still, using private jets provide advantages to candidates - they can move more quickly between campaign stops, rest and prepare while in flight, and avoid disrupting commercial air flights. And Paul can certainly afford the expense - he has thus far placed third among Republican candidates in terms of dollars raised, and recently completed a "money bomb" fundraiser that brought in $2.75 million in just a few days.