Romney takes heat from Rep. Schakowsky during Chicago visit

Schakowsky’s letter questioned Romney on recent comments he made calling President Obama’s plan to extend the payroll-tax credit a “little Band-Aid” and suggesting in Nevada that the foreclosure process needed to “run its course and hit the bottom.”

Romney said: “The Obama administration has slow-walked the foreclosure process ... Allow investors to buy homes, put renters in them, fix the homes up and let it turn around and come back up.”

On Wednesday, six Nevada state senators sent Romney an open letter demanding he apologize for the foreclosure comment made last week to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The Democratic National Committee also released an ad slamming Romney for the comment earlier this week that Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul called a “distraction” from Obama’s economic record.

“Under President Obama, American homeowners have dealt with falling home prices, rising foreclosure rates, and one of the worst housing markets in recorded history,” Saul said in a news release.

In her letter, Schakowsky asked Romney:

“Do you think it is fair to propose more tax breaks for Wall Street CEO’s whose decisions led to the collapse of the housing market, while telling homeowners in Illinois and elsewhere who were scammed, cheated or saw their home’s value plummet because of the risky bets of Wall Street that they have to fend for themselves?”

She also asked Romney to take a stand on the “flat tax.” Other GOP candidates, such as Rick Perry and Herman Cain, have proposed a flat tax system that would impose the same tax rate on everybody.

“I like my tax plan better,” Romney would only say when asked about Perry’s tax plan Wednesday. 

Romney proposed cutting the corporate and repatriation tax rates, among other ideas. 

Finally, Schakowsky demanded to know why Romney is distancing himself from the healthcare bill he implemented as governor of Massachusetts. Schakowsky credited the legislation as the “model” for Obama’s healthcare bill, legislation against which conservatives are united and that Romney has promised to repeal as president. The similarity between the bills has already haunted Romney for much of his campaign.

Romney is in Chicago on Thursday to attend a fundraising event that costs $1,000 a head (or $100 for young professionals younger than 30). 

The fundraiser is co-hosted by Rep. Judy Biggert (R-Ill.), who endorsed Romney earlier this month.

Schakowsky Letter to Romney

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