Mitt Romney on Friday said President Obama’s second term is in jeopardy because of his “broken promise” on ObamaCare. 

On “CBS This Morning,” the former 2008 GOP president nominee said the fundamental flaw of ObamaCare wasn’t just its implementation, but the fact that Obama promised people could keep their insurance plans.

“That promise was not accurate. It was not honest,” Romney said. “The whole foundation of his second term is in jeopardy as a result of that.”

Asked if Obama purposely lied to Americans for political gain, Romney said the president and the rest of his administration knew people would lose their insurance. 

In the run-up to the law’s 2010 passage and during the 2012 campaign, Obama said people would be able to keep their health plans if they liked them under ObamaCare.

But in the last six weeks, millions of people have received notices that their policies have been canceled because they did not meet the new law’s requirements for care. Obama on Thursday retreated, saying he would take executive action to allow insurance companies to offer plans that don’t meet the new requirements for an additional year.

 “It’s dishonest. What starts twisted, stays twisted,” Romney said.

Romney said Obama’s latest efforts won’t make a difference.

 “And it’s not going to be fixed until we fundamentally reshape ObamaCare … either repeal it or reshape it, and reform it,” he said.