"While Mitt Romney has been doing backflips on every issue from abortion to the individual mandate, Gov. Huntsman has been consistent on where he stands," Huntsman spokesman Tim Miller said in a statement announcing the video. "Leadership is not flipping back and forth on issues for your own political advantage. Real leadership is taking a clear position on issues even if it comes at political risk. Backflipping is for toys and gymnasts, not presidents."

The ad and Huntsman's comments are an aggressive push by the Huntsman campaign to capitalize on recent criticism Romney has fielded from conservatives for being inconsistent on certain issues. Recently, Huntsman was attacked for appearing to reverse his position on the Ohion union measure. On Tuesday Romney refused to say where he stood on the bill. 

A day later he said he fully supported "Gov. Kasich's Question 2 in Ohio."

"I'm sorry if I created any confusion there," Romney said. 

Also on Friday, Huntsman's daughters released a spoof campaign ad based on an unusual spot from Herman Cain's presidential campaign. Cain has been competing closely with Romney to lead the Republican presidential field in the polls.

Watch the "Backflip" ad below: