Speaking to the Punxsutawney Area Chamber of Commerce on Friday, Thompson likened the Obama administration’s American Jobs Act to a rerun of a bad movie, according to a report in The Punxsutawney Spirit.

“President Barack ObamaBarack ObamaTrump considers naming Yellen or Cohn to lead the Fed West Wing to empty out for August construction Ex-CIA chief: Trump’s Boy Scout speech felt like ‘third world authoritarian's youth rally’ MORE recently put out a jobs bill — I've got to tell you it was like a rerun of a bad 'B' movie where the dialogue doesn't match up with the mouth," Thompson said.

“When the bill was introduced in the House, a Democrat introduced this bill, but put a disclaimer on it that it was at the request of the White House," he continued. "The bill had no co-sponsors, but the mainstream national media beats us up, because we're the ones that are defeating the president's job bill."

Thompson said the lawmakers who defeated the bill were Democrats, although Senate Republicans voted in unison to block the legislation, and then again voted to filibuster a scaled-back piece of the bill aimed at putting teachers and firefighters back to work.

In an apparent reference to the Occupy Wall Street protestors, Thompson said there’s a growing movement of people in the U.S. that are only looking for handouts.

"'I should have whatever you have, and if you're successful in life, you get to give me some of that,'" he said. "Life doesn't work that way, and that's not true, but that's what we're up against."

Thompson touted the “Forgotten 15” jobs bills as a solution to the employment crisis. Last week, Republicans began circulating palm cards of House-passed bills that the Senate has yet to act on.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) fired back, dubbing the bills the “Forgettable 15.”

“Many of the ‘Forgettable 15’ bills are a complete waste of time and taxpayer money as the regulations they repeal aren’t even in effect yet — meaning they won’t have any effect on job creation,” he said. “Rather than wasting time rolling back critical consumer and environmental protections  — many of which don’t even exist yet — it’s time for Republicans to work with Democrats on bipartisan proposals to put more Americans back to work.”