A Democratic congresswoman plans to sustain her diet on a $4.50 budget which is roughly he amount spent per meal by a food stamp recipient.

"It is the lifeline of people who are poor," Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) said Monday according to Patch.com. "The alarming part about this is that the numbers are growing."

Speier shared some of the items she could buy on her $4.50 budget according to patch. The groceries included loaf of bread, a bag of coffee, Campbell's chicken noodle soup, and canned sweat peas. Speier said her treat for the week under her food stamp budget would be microwavable popcorn packets.

"And this is my treat for the week," Speier said as she held up the popcorn box.

Speier plans to go on her foodstamp budget for five days. The California congresswoman says she's doing it to protest potential budget cuts to the food stamp program.

"The program is in jeopardy right now," Speier said according to the site.