President Obama’s approval rating has dropped to the lowest of his presidency, and approval of his signature healthcare law has fallen to its lowest level.

According to a CBS News poll released Wednesday, 37 percent say they approve of the president’s job. The new rating shows his approval dropped 9 points, from 46 percent in October. 

Just under half of people, 49 percent, believe Obama is honest and trustworthy. During his reelection campaign last fall, 60 percent of voters held that view.

These ratings come on the heels of the president’s attempt to rectify the promise that did not come to fruition with ObamaCare.

He had guaranteed people who like their health insurance plans could keep them under the law. Millions, however, have received cancellation notices since the federal marketplace launched in October. Last week, Obama announced the administration would allow insurance companies to offer their old policies for one more year.

The public’s approval of ObamaCare has also dropped to its lowest level, according to the poll. Thirty-one percent of people approve of the law — a drop of 12 points from the 43 percent who supported it last month.

Only one in 10 thinks the sign-up for the exchanges has been going well. 

One third say they’re confident the Obama administration will be able to fix the federal exchange website,, by Dec. 1.

The White House says it will consider the repair process a success if 80 percent of visitors to the site can complete enrollment. 

Nearly half of the public says they do think there are good things in the law, the CBS News poll found. Forty-three percent, on the other hand, say the law should be repealed entirely.