Gingrich blasts Obama challenge of South Carolina immigration law

Gingrich denounced the move, saying South Carolina was simply trying to account for poor immigration enforcement by federal officials.

"After years of failure on the part of the federal government to achieve border security, it is an outrage that the Obama Administration would seek to block South Carolina and other states who choose to pick up the slack."

Attorney General Eric HolderEric H. HolderLawyer claims death threats after anti-Black Lives Matter lawsuit Adviser: Obama can’t ‘erase decades’ of racism Airbnb enlists civil rights leaders in discrimination fight MORE said that states who imposed their own immigration procedures threatened the federal government's ability to implement its own border enforcement.

“It is understandable that communities remain frustrated with the broken immigration system, but a patchwork of state laws is not the solution and will only create problems," Holder said in a statement. "We will continue to monitor the impact these laws might have on our communities and will evaluate each law to determine whether it conflicts with the federal government’s enforcement responsibilities."

But Gingrich accused the administration of not addressing the problem of immigration seriously.

"If the Obama Administration put as much energy and resources into controlling the border as it does into attacking our own states, we would have 100% border security by now," Gingrich said. "The fact that there are just as many Department of Homeland Security bureaucrats in Washington, DC as there are border patrol agents at our southern border demonstrates how unserious the Administration is about addressing these problems."