The Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear a case challenging ObamaCare’s employer mandate. 

The justices turned down an appeal from Liberty University, which argued the law's mandate requiring businesses to offer insurance to employees is unconstitutional.

An appeals court ruled against Liberty's petition earlier this year. The Supreme Court, which upheld most of the healthcare law in the summer of 2012, rejected the university’s appeal without comment, according to reports

The high court is poised to reenter the charged political battle over the healthcare law on a separate front.

Last week, the high court agreed to hear two cases challenging ObamaCare's requirement that private businesses cover contraception in employee health plans. The justices will likely hear that case in the spring.

The contraception case will be the first high court case on the healthcare law since a landmark ruling last summer.

In that decision, the court ruled 5-4 that the mandate that requires most people to purchase insurance is constitutional under Congress’s taxing powers.

The court also ruled that the the federal government could not require states to expand their Medicaid coverage under the law. Since the ruling, many states have opted to reject that funding.