Only Herman Cain can answer for the allegations that he sexually harassed two women while he was president of the National Restaurant Association, Jon Huntsman said. 

"He's the only one who can answer the charges against him," Huntsman said according to CNN.

Most of the presidential field has been loathe to weigh in on the allegations on Cain —which the businessman has strongly denied. But both the Romney and Perry campaigns have had to deny reports that each campaign, respectively, leaked the details of the initial report to the press.

Huntsman also said that too much "bandwidth" has been spent on the allegations and that it was important to start talking about "the issues that really do matter."

Huntsman also voiced optimism that he still has a chance to win the Republican presidential nomination despite low polling numbers.

"The way politics plays out these days, with all the modes of communication things can turn in 48 hours, and I say we've got an eternity left when you look at today through the end of the year and then beyond into January," Huntsman said on Thursday. "We have plenty of time, no question about it."

Huntsman has been increasingly staking his chances in New Hampshire. He hopes that a good showing in the early primary state will give him the necessary momentum to catapult him to more victories.