Democrat strategist Al From says Democrats and President Obama need to fix ObamaCare because “the credibility of government is on the line.” 

Democrats needs to make government work and grow the economy, From said in an interview Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe."

“Right now ObamaCare is getting a lot of attention, and it’s very important that the Democratic Party and for Obama, that we fix this healthcare program because the credibility of government is on the line,” he said.

Obama should also kick-start an economic growth program, From argued, which would help build a sustainable majority for Democrats.  

From is the founder of the Democratic Leadership Council, and has been praised for helping to shape the modern Democratic Party.

Despite backlash from the implementation of ObamaCare, From says he thinks Democrats will prevail in future elections. 

“The reason the Democrats are probably going to do very well, in part, because the Republicans have done so badly. The Republicans ... you can try to sugarcoat it, but they’ve basically let their extremists define them.”