A majority of people said the United States “should mind its own business internationally” and let other countries get along on their own, according to a new poll. 

A Pew Research poll released Tuesday found 52 percent of people agreed that the country should mind its own business internationally — the highest rating ever recorded by Pew. A decade ago, that number stood at 30 percent. Another 38 percent of people disagree with the statement. 

The number comes as 53 percent of people — the highest rating ever — believe the country plays a less powerful role on the international stage than it did a decade ago. 

Seven in 10 people believe the country is less respected now than it was in the past. That number mirrors one recorded at the end of George. W. Bush’s presidency in 2008. 

A majority believes the United States does too much to help solve the world’s problems. But most people, 77 percent, still support growing trade and business ties with other countries — a 24-point boost since the financial collapse in 2008. 

President Obama’s approval rating on foreign policy has dropped along with his overall approval this year. Only 34 percent of people approve of  his handling of foreign policy. Fifty-six percent disapprove.

Obama is rated in negative terms in nine out of 10 foreign policy areas. His handling of the terror threat is the only area that garners majority support. 

As the Obama administration attempts to hash out a resolution with Iran on the country’s nuclear program, 61 percent of the public calls the country a major threat. Only cyber attacks and Islamic extremism rank higher on the list. 

The survey was taken before Iran, the U.S. and other partners reached an interim deal on Iran's nuclear program. At the time, 60 percent of people said Iran was not serious about concerns about its nuclear program. 

The poll surveyed 2,003 from Oct. 30-Nov. 6.