A White House petition demanding President Obama to execute one of the two turkeys he pardoned last week has gathered 3,200 signatures.

The petition asks Obama to "summarily execute Caramel at a time and place of his choosing." 

In November, the White House set up a website where members of the public could choose whether a turkey named Popcorn or one named Caramel would become the official Thanksgiving turkey. The website was widely interpretted as saying that whichever turkey lost the competition would not be pardoned. 

"POTUS supervised a binding web vote between poultry-Americans “Popcorn” and “Caramel,” promising to spare the life of the winner. Popcorn won the vote, but then POTUS revealed that both turkeys would be allowed to live. Is this the democracy the pilgrims fought and ate dinner for?" the petition states, using the acronym POTUS for President of the United States.

Petitioners hope to get 100,000 signatories by January to force White House action. The effort may be a race against time since pardoned turkeys rarely live long anyway because they are bred for girth and not longevity. None of Obama's previous pardons are still alive