A Washington party promoter accused of crashing a 2009 White House state dinner is running for mayor of the District of Columbia.

Carlos Allen announced his candidacy in a new rap song entitled “D.C. My City.”



Allen also attempted a bid for mayor in 2010 but lost to then-Councilman Vincent Gray. Gray is running for reelection, but a campaign finance scandal has battered his standing in the polls.

There is some dispute over the nature of Allen’s attendance at the state dinner.

Allen told ABC News that he was invited to the state dinner, but he eventually admitted that he was repeatedly denied entrance at the White House gate and was only able to get in after meeting up with a delegation of Indian CEOs that had been invited to the event.

According to CBS News, Allen was identified as a crasher in a Secret Service report about the event shared with congressional investigators. 

The incident occurred on the same night that reality television show participants Tareq and Michaele Salahi were able to gain access to the White House.