Sarah Palin is slated to host her own reality show on the Sportsman Channel starting in April 2014. 

“Amazing America with Sarah Palin” is billed as series of stories that will highlight people and places around the country that are “connected to the outdoor lifestyle.”

“Amazing America with Sarah Palin explores and experiences the coolest and most original people, places, businesses, and gadgets that appeal to Red, Wild and Blue America. Former Governor Sarah Palin takes viewers into the life of those living the American dream,” reads the website

Palin, the former GOP vice presidential candidate and ex-governor of Alaska, currently lives in Wasilla with her family. 

This is her second try at reality television since leaving public office. Palin, currently a Fox News contributor, was part of a short eight-episode series titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska" in 2011.

The Sportsman Channel bills itself as “The Leader in outdoor TV for the American sportsman.”

“Governor Palin is one of America’s most popular leaders, whose powerful love of country and passion for the great outdoors is inspiring to millions and millions of people,” said the channel’s CEO, Gavin Harvey.