President Obama’s job approval rating has improved over the last month, according to a Pew Research Center/USA Today poll released Tuesday.

Forty-five percent of the public approve of the way Obama is handling his job as president, the poll found.

That’s a modest increase from the 41 percent approval rating he received in a similar Pew poll conducted in early November.

Another glimmer of hope for Obama is his rating on the economy, which has increased 11 points since early last month. 

A separate McClatchy-Marist poll on Monday, however, found Obama’s disapproval rating had shot up to 53 percent. 

Obama’s overall approval rating took a deep dive during 2013. In January, more than half, or 52 percent, said they were satisfied with the president.

Since January, the people who say Obama is “not able to get things done” has risen from 37 percent to 51 percent, according to Pew's survey. 

The latest poll, which was conducted between Dec. 3 to 8, indicates 41 percent approve of ObamaCare while 54 percent disapprove. 

Now, nearly half of people say ObamaCare’s effect on the country has been negative.