President Obama is still receiving low marks in job approval polls, and it might be due to the unpopularity of ObamaCare, a new survey suggests. 

More than half of the United States public, 54 percent, disapproved of Obama’s job as president, according to a NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released Wednesday. Forty-three percent gave him a positive rating.

Those surveyed were asked what shaped their view of the president this year. Nearly 60 percent named ObamaCare as a major reason. A quarter said the economy influenced their views. 

ObamaCare has become even more unpopular, the poll indicates. Half of people said the healthcare law is a bad idea, a record high, while 34 percent said it’s a good idea.

A quarter of people said ObamaCare should be totally eliminated, but 58 percent said the law hasn’t affected themselves or their families.

A majority, 51 percent, also rated the 113th Congress as one of the worst ever, according to the poll.

Although Washington received low marks in the poll, people reported being satisfied with their personal situations. Eighty percent were happy with their healthcare and insurance coverage. Nearly two-thirds said they’re satisfied with their financial situation.