A super-PAC for Jon Huntsman spent a substantial sum on its first ad for the former Utah governor.

The ad, released on Monday in New Hampshire, began airing on television and radio in the surrounding areas Tuesday morning. On Tuesday WMUR reported that Our Destiny super-PAC spent $300,000 on the ad.

Brian Nick, a spokesman for the Our Destiny PAC, declined to comment on the ad buy.

"We never disclose amount of buy," Nick wrote in an email.

The super-PAC also denied a report that it spent $563,000 on the ad. A number of outlets reported other numbers but Nick said he had not seen the correct amount yet.

"I have yet to see an actual amount —the correct one," Nick said.

The 60-second ad features a number of speakers talking directly into the camera about the former Utah governor's credentials. That it's airing in the New Hampshire region falls in line with Huntsman's current strategy of performing well in the Granite State and using the momentum from there to further victories.

Watch the ad below: