Six in 10 people said their opinion of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) has not changed since his administration came under fire over the closure of lanes on the George Washington Bridge last year. 

While the controversy dominated national headlines late last week, only 18 percent of people said they followed the news “very closely,” according to a Pew poll released Monday. 

Sixty percent of people said their opinion of the governor had not changed in the last few days, while 18 percent said they did not know. 

Another 16 percent said they have a less favorable view of Christie, while 6 percent said they had a more favorable view. 

Ten percent of Republicans said they have a less favorable view of the governor since the news broke, while 25 percent of Democrats said the same. Fourteen percent of independents say they now have a less favorable view. 

Of the small percentage of people who said they have followed the news closely, 29 percent said they now hold a less favorable view of the governor. 

Last week, during a press conference Christie said he had no prior knowledge that an aide appeared to participate in the closure of lanes on the bridge last year, which seemed to be political retribution on a Democratic mayor who declined to endorse the governor during his reelection bid. 

Christie fired his deputy chief of staff Thursday and apologized for the incident during the press conference. 

According to Pew, many more people followed the cold winter weather in the United States than the press conference or the details surrounding the bridge scandal. 

The survey came before revelations on Sunday that a separate investigation had been launched to see if Christie misused Hurricane Sandy relief aid on tourism ads during the campaign. Also on Monday, new revelations surfaced showing Christie’s administration canceled a series of meetings with another Democratic mayor, after the mayor decided not to endorse him.

The Pew survey polled 1,006 national adults and holds a 3.6 percent margin or error.