Sen. Ted CruzRafael (Ted) Edward CruzWith religious liberty memo, Trump made America free to be faithful again Interstate compacts aren't the right way to fix occupational licensing laws Texas Dem: ‘I don’t know what to believe’ about what Trump wants for wall MORE (R-Texas) said Thursday night a “left-wing propaganda” film disparaging the National Rifle Association is nothing to worry about, because it won’t sell any tickets. 

Cruz blasted movie producer Harvey Weinstein who earlier this week said he was producing a movie that would take the group “head on,” adding “they’re going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them.”

“If he wants to lose some money preaching,” Cruz said on Fox News. “And look, the hypocrisy of a rich Hollywood producer that lives in a fancy neighborhood with all sorts of police protection, and he says he doesn't own a gun, but I bet you there is a good odds that he has armed security around him."

He added: "These left-wing propaganda films that people like Weinstein like to put out, they never sell any tickets." 

A number of Republicans have blasted the producer as a hypocrite for disparaging the NRA while producing a number of violent movies. According to IMDb, he has 277 producer credits. 

Cruz brought up the film “Kill Bill,” which Weinstein produced. 

“And the final clip, from 'Kill Bill,' I mean … one of the most epically violent scenes, when Uma Thurman, with a sword, severs the limbs of the Crazy 88. You don't see people wanting to ban knives.”

Cruz described the producer’s views as reminiscent of some lawmakers who view their constituents “as gullible rubes.”

“It's a double standard,” Cruz said. “It's one rule for thee and one rule for me. So liberals love to live by special rules. So Al Gore complains about people using carbon and then flies around on private jets.”