Jon Huntsman, another candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, said Tuesday that Cain should be considering dropping out, calling the veritable flood of accusations that have attacked Cain's campaign a "disservice to the voters" because it has diverted the focus from important issues.

Bachmann doubled-down on drawing a comparison between what she called her "consistent" record and other candidates. She used the latest controversy surrounding Cain's campaign as further proof of her consistency earlier in the day.

“That goes back to the message we’ve been trying to get out to people across Iowa, and that’s that I do have a core of conviction. I’ve been the consistent conservative in the race and as people have been shopping around for the candidates, I think they’re going to come back home and see I’ve been the consistent, constitutional conservative who’s going to fight,” Bachmann told Iowa’s WHO news radio earlier in the day.

On CNN, she also promoted the website, which her campaign launched earlier in the month.

"People will have no surprises with me," she reiterated, which has been her response when asked about the resurfacing sexual harassment accusations faced by Cain's campaign over the last month.