Missouri Sen. Roy BluntRoy Dean BluntGOP senators introduce bill to prevent family separations at border Ernst, Fischer to square off for leadership post Facebook gives 500 pages of answers to lawmakers' data privacy questions MORE (R-Mo.) preempted President Obama’s State of the Union in this week’s Republican Address, arguing that if the president continues to pursue his stated agenda he’ll exacerbate income inequality and incite class warfare.

Blunt also announced a planned Republican ‘year of action’ to counter the president’s own.

The senator declared that the president’s policies have actually caused — and won’t improve — the sluggish economy, and have caused the inequality Obama is expected to focus on in his Jan 28 address. 

“Americans are hurting. Too many of the poorest Americans continue to suffer from stalled job creation, skyrocketing federal debt, burdensome regulations, and broken promises on health care reform,” Blunt said.

“What President Obama fails to acknowledge is that Americans are hurting as a result of his own policies.”

The Missouri Republican added that the administration’s agenda “to create more government, more spending, more taxes, and more debt” has “been disproportionately hurtful to the poorest among us for the past five years.”

Blunt argued that a focus on those same policies amounts merely to an attempt to create conflict between economic classes.

“If all he has to offer is more of the same, or if he refuses to acknowledge that his own policies have failed to work – the President is simply doing what many failed leaders have done before him: trying to set one group of Americans against another group of Americans,” he said.

Obama has trumpeted 2014 as a “year of action;” in his State of the Union address he's expected to outline how he’ll use executive action to move his agenda.

Blunt said the GOP will launch its own “year of action” in contrast to Obama’s.

He said the main tenets of the GOP’s agenda include replacing ObamaCare “with common-sense solutions,” encouraging job creation by creating economic certainty through “eliminat[ing] confusing and inefficient government regulations” and by “supporting increased domestic energy production.”

Blunt called on Obama to pass the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, which environmentalists oppose but Republicans say will create jobs and help lower energy costs.

“President Obama can join us to grow the nation’s economy and the nation’s jobs,” Blunt concluded, “or he can continue pushing for more regulations, more taxes, higher utility bills, and health care turmoil – bad policies that hurt poor Americans the most.”