Residents of Washington, D.C., and Hawaii were the most approving of President Obama last year, a new poll indicates. 

More than 80 percent of Washingtonians approved of Obama’s job in 2013 and 61.3 percent of Hawaiians said the same, according to a Gallup poll released Monday. 

Obama was born in Hawaii and partially grew up there; he often visits the state during holiday vacations.

People living in Wyoming and West Virginia were the least approving of the president, giving him 22.5 percent and 25.1 percent approval ratings, respectively.

In addition to the District, 11 states, including Hawaii, gave Obama an approval rating of more 50 percent. The others are Maryland, Rhode Island, New York, Vermont, Massachusetts, New Jersey, California, Connecticut, Delaware and Illinois. 

The highest ratings largely come from Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic states while Obama's lowest come from the Mountain West and areas in the South. 

Obama received approval ratings of below 36 percent from 12 states. Besides Wyoming and West Virginia, they are Utah, South Dakota, Idaho, Oklahoma, Montana, Alaska, Arkansas, Kentucky, Kansas and North Dakota. 

The poll was based on results from more than 178,000 daily tracking interviews Gallup conducted throughout 2013. Gallup says its pollsters interviewed at least 1,000 residents in 40 different states.