"Some liberals say that faith is a sign of weakness. They’re wrong," Perry said.

Perry also says that "we all need God's help," and that he is "not ashamed to talk about his faith."

In the second ad, Perry contrasts Carter and Obama, calling for an end to "dependence on foreign oil," arguing that the Democrats were "all talk" and "no action."

Perry goes on to argue that by eliminating regulations and reopening American gas fields, the country could "kick our foreign oil habit."

"Our county's reliance on unstable, foreign nations as energy sources is dangerous," said Perry campaign communications director Ray Sullivan in a statement. "Gov. Perry's top priority for revitalizing domestic energy is becoming energy independent. This new ad underscores his commitment to utilizing all of our country's national energy sources and creating American jobs."

Perry's releases come as Mitt Romney introduced his first ad in the state Wednesday, signaling a more serious effort to win the Hawkeye State. The Texas governor would likely need to outperform his current poll numbers in Iowa to stay relevant into the Republican primary. The latest poll from Insider Advantage had Perry winning 7 percent of likely caucusgoers, putting him sixth in the GOP field.