Sarah Palin on Monday night called it “perplexing” that Arizona’s Republican Party censured Sen. John McCainJohn Sidney McCainTrump's America fights back Mellman: Trump can fix it GOP strategist Steve Schmidt denounces party, will vote for Democrats MORE (R-Ariz.) over the weekend.  

Palin came to the defense of her former presidential running mate in 2008 after the state party characterized his voting record as liberal and harmful to the country during a state committee meeting. 

Palin — the former Alaska governor who has not always seen eye to eye with her former running mate — called McCain a “hero and a friend.” She reiterated she is proud to have run as his vice presidential nominee on the GOP ticket in 2008. 

“It’s perplexing to see Senator McCain’s good efforts to uncover the Obama agenda being ignored and perhaps even hindered now by those wanting to censure the Arizona Senator,” she said in a Facebook post. 

McCain’s office highlighted Palin’s words in a release to reporters Monday night. The Arizona senator is up for reelection in 2016 but has not yet decided whether to run. 

“Despite our differences on some other issues, there is no questioning Senator McCain’s dedication to national security in spite of the White House’s agenda,” Palin continued. 

She defended McCain’s work on national security issues and his fight to keep the deadly attacks in Benghazi, Libya, on the radar. 

While Palin disagrees with McCain on issues like immigration reform, she said those opposing President Obama should stand together. 

“During this time of dangerous lawlessness in the executive branch, those who agree on stopping the intended transformation of our country had better unite to fight,” she said. 

She added: “Yes, I am proud to have been asked to run with him in 2008, and he is my friend.”