The Republican National Committee made fun of President Obama’s State of the Union address just hours before he’s set to deliver the speech at the Capitol.

The committee posted a document on its website showing a fake draft they wrote of Obama’s remarks, with edits written on the side panel in track changes mode.

“Mr. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, fellow citizens,” it starts off.

The mock-up shows White House spokesman Jay Carney commenting on the line, advising Obama to “Give shout out to VP. Credibility still hurting from Gates memoir.”

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates slammed Biden in his new book, claiming that Biden has been wrong on nearly every foreign policy issue for decades. 

“But there’s work to be done. Poverty is at record highs. And income inequality is too great,” Obama says in the fake draft.

Obama’s senior adviser Valerie Jarrett edits the line, and notes “We’ve been in charge for 5 years. Is this smart?”

The draft continues by making fun of the “pen and phone strategy” the White House has been previewing this month in which Obama plans to sign more executive orders to get things done.

“Who the *** came up with this?” another Obama aide asks in the edit panel. “If you like your pen, you can keep your pen! LOL,” the GOP says White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer would say.

Another section lists programs the GOP thinks Obama would promote in his address including those in manufacturing, clean energy, a new immigration system and universal pre-school. The White House editors, the GOP draft says, points out those are all areas Obama has mentioned in previous State of the Unions speeches. 

Obama also says in the GOP draft that the government can be more transparent. The White House editors, by contrast, warn that could be digging a hole because of the IRS scandal and Benghazi attack.