President Obama will meet with King Abdullah of Jordan on Valentine's Day at a resort in Southern California, the White House announced Tuesday.

Obama and Abdullah are expected to discuss regional security issues, including the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and ongoing civil war in Syria.

The Royal Palace said that the monarch would then travel back to Washington for meetings with congressional leaders and religious groups, according to The Associated Press. 

The Sunnylands Resort was the same venue that Obama used to host Chinese President Xi Jinping for bilateral talks last summer. 

Earlier in the year, Obama visited Jordan during a springtime swing through the Middle East.

During a joint press conference with Abdullah, Obama pledged an additional $200 million in aid to help the country, which has housed hundreds of thousands of refugees from the civil war in Syria.

"The Jordanian people have displayed enormous generosity, but the strains of so many refugees inevitably are showing," Obama said. "The international community needs to step up to make sure they help shoulder this burden."