New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s (R) director of departmental relations resigned from the governor’s office over the weekend, according to The Associated Press

Christina Genovese Renna, who had been subpoenaed in the probe into the George Washington Bridge scandal, left the governor’s office on Friday. She said she had been thinking about the move since Christie’s reelection victory in November. 

She is one of five people close to Christie who have either resigned or been fired amid the scandal, according to the AP. 

Renna worked under Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Anne Kelly, who was fired last month after emails revealed she had a hand in ordering the closure of lanes on the bridge last year. 

Renna is one of nearly 20 people subpoenaed in the state legislature’s investigation into the incident. Many subpoenaed documents are due Monday; however, the Democrat in charge of the probe told The Associated Press many have requested more time.

Christie has denied prior knowledge of the bridge closures, which critics say was political retribution on a local mayor who refused to endorse him during his reelection. 

On Friday, former Port Authority official David Wildstein alleged that evidence exists that Christie had knowledge of the closures during the incident and that Wildstein could disprove other statements made by the governor. 

Christie has denied the charge and supporters of Christie say Wildstein is gunning for immunity.