WH: Boehner employing 'an odd bit of diversion' on immigration reform

White House press secretary Jay Carney on Friday said Speaker John BoehnerJohn BoehnerGraham: 'Lucifer may be the only person Trump can beat in a general election' Obama mocks GOP, media and himself in final WHCA dinner address Obama pals around with Boehner in WHCA dinner video MORE’s immigration comment a day earlier was “an odd bit of diversion.”

Reporters asked Carney during a flight on Air Force One to Michigan about remarks Vice President Biden made Thursday about immigration in an interview on CNN.

"The president's view is we should not have a society with two classes of people,” Carney said.

It was “an odd bit of diversion” by Boehner, Carney said, to say that Obama is the problem with getting a bill done this year.

"We remain hopeful and optimistic,” Carney said.

On Thursday, Boehner (R-Ohio) said at a news conference the GOP has “widespread doubts” the president would properly implement immigration reform legislation, predicting Congress won’t pass a measure in 2014. 

“Let's be straight, as the president says,” Biden said on CNN in an interview that aired Friday morning. “You see the way the hard right responds to anything the president says. So the president is being very smart. He is saying, ‘what passed [the Senate] we support. Let’s see what you guys pass, and then we'll respond,’ because what you don't want is to create more problems for John Boehner.”

Biden said the administration has been clear it would prefer a measure that would contain a pathway to citizenship.  

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