Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) defended his recent controversial remarks Friday on women's libido, saying "it's a wholesome thing."

"The Democrats act as if women are only concerned with these reproductive issues. What's wrong with — even the word?," he said on Fox News’s “Cavuto."

Huckabee came under fire last month when he slammed Democrats for providing women with free birth control "because they cannot control their libido," he said at a lunchtime address at the Republican National Committee’s meeting.

His argument was that Democrats send a mixed message in accusing the GOP of a "war on women," saying it is their party that isn't standing up for women and that the birth control provision in ObamaCare isn't aimed at protecting women.

Huckabee told Cavuto he'd stand behind his comments.

"God gave us sexual drive, it's not something dirty. It isn't vulgar. It's a wonderful gift from God in the context of a relationship who have committed to each out as life partners. That's a good thing."