Republicans won back the San Diego mayor’s office Tuesday night in the race to replace Democrat Bob Filner, the former mayor and congressman who was forced out of office amid sexual harassment charges. 

City councilman Kevin Faulconer won the race with 54.5 percent of the vote over his Democratic opponent, Councilman David Alvarez, according to the Associated Press

Faulconer made only brief reference to Filner during his acceptance speech Tuesday night, according to reports. 

"We know that this city has gone through a lot in the last year but we knew as San Diegans we were better than that," he said. 

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus touted the victory as a first win for its new organizing and turnout strategy. 

"I'm confident Kevin will be a mayor for all of San Diego,” he said. “He will restore people's trust in the city government, and he will uphold the principles of fiscal responsibility and ethical leadership.” 

Filner had been the first Democrat in two decades to be elected mayor of the city, which has a large Democratic registration advantage. 

According to the AP, San Diego is now the only major city in the state led by a Republican. 

Filner resigned from office last August after more than a dozen women came forward accusing him of sexual harassment while he served as mayor.

Filner was sentenced in December to three years' probation and 90 days of house arrest after pleading guilty to battery and false imprisonment for physically restraining a woman. He began the house arrest in January. 

Faulconer will serve out the rest of Filner’s nearly three-year term. He will be sworn in March 3.