Rick Perry on Sunday hit fellow-GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney as “out of touch” with voters for challenging him to a $10,000 bet

Perry told “Fox News Sunday” that he was “taken a little aback” the previous night when Romney, during a GOP debate, tried to bet Perry over the Texas governor’s allegation that he removed passages of his book showing support for individual health insurance mandates. 

"I'm driving out to the station this morning [and] I'm sure I didn't drive by a house that anyone in Iowa would even think about that a $10,000 bet was possible," Perry said.

During the debate, Romney sought to dispute Perry's claim that he had altered his book.

"You've raised that before," Romney had said.

When Perry insisted the claim was true, Romney responded: "Rick, I'll tell you what... $10,000 bet?"

"I'm not in the bettin' business, but I'll show you the book," Perry replied.