A freshman House Republican said ObamaCare has placed an "immoral burden" on future generations that will eventually be forced to repay debt spent on the president's healthcare plan.

“President Obama’s policies spend too much money – they’ve irresponsibly added trillions of dollars to our national debt," Rep. Tom CottonThomas (Tom) Bryant CottonSenate moving ahead with border bill, despite Trump Hillicon Valley: New FTC chief eyes shake up of tech regulation | Lawmakers target Google, Huawei partnership | Microsoft employees voice anger over ICE contract Lawmakers urge Google to drop partnership with Chinese phone maker Huawei MORE (R-Ark.) said in Saturday's Republican address. "The debt slows economic growth today and it places an immoral burden on our kids and grandkids."

The national debt has risen nearly $7 trillion, or about 65 percent, to more than $17 trillion since President Obama took office in January 2009. 

However, the national debt also rose nearly $5 trillion, or about 85 percent, during President Bush's two terms in office, in large part because of the War on Terror. 

At the turn of the century, the national debt was about $5.6 trillion, which is roughly one-third of what it is now.

Cotton said Obama's policies have taken a toll on the national debt and hurt the economy.

“There’s no better example of these failed policies than President Obama’s namesake legislation, ObamaCare," Cotton said. "This law promised to make things better – to lower costs for consumers and improve the quality of care – all the while cutting healthcare spending and saving the federal government money.

“We now know the sad reality of ObamaCare: Lose your insurance, lose your doctor, lose your job," he added.  

Cotton said ObamaCare is too expensive and is making it difficult for struggling families, who can't afford their healthcare payments. He gave the example of an Arkansas woman whose premiums have jumped 85 percent since her insurance company began implementing the healthcare law. Despite having received two raises and a promotion at work, she still takes home less money than she did three years ago because of ObamaCare, he added.

“She’s now forced to pay for things she does not want and can’t afford, simply because Washington politicians and bureaucrats think they know what’s best for her and her family,” Cotton said. 

He added that ObamaCare is "fundamentally flawed" and is hurting many other families.

“President Obama promised you could keep your plan if you like it," Cotton said. "That’s not true. Five million Americans face cancellations, and the president’s own estimates predict that tens of millions more will lose their plan. Many more are losing access to their family doctors, specialists, and local hospitals."