President Obama on Tuesday will announce two innovation institutes, lead by the Department of Defense, as part of an effort to revitalize U.S. manufacturing.

The institutes are part of an administration partnership with private businesses to boost advanced manufacturing, strengthen defense capabilities and attract jobs.

An institute near Detroit will focus on lightweight and modern metals manufacturing while one in Chicago will concentrate on digital manufacturing and design, a White House official said.

The new institutes will be funded by $140 million in federal support matched by an equal amount in non-federal resources, the official said.

In his State of the Union address, the president pledged to establish three new manufacturing innovation institutes.

In January, a Department of Energy-led Next Generation Power Electronics Manufacturing Innovation Institute was announced in Raleigh, N.C.

Companies, universities and other academic and training institutions, and federal agencies come together at the institutes to co-invest in technology, educate and train students and workers, and help companies design and test new products and manufacturing processes.

The White House points to statistics that show manufacturing production is growing at its fastest pace in more than a decade, adding 622,000 jobs since early 2010.