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Former President George W. Bush is calling attention to the plight of returning veterans, saying in an interview broadcast Sunday that too many are unemployed.

"We've got a problem," Bush said on ABC’s “This Week” highlighting the “civilian military divide.”

“In other words, the returning vets think one thing, the civilian population thinks another and our aim is to get people to understand each other better for the good of the veteran community,” he said.

Bush appeared with Jake Wood, co-founder of Team Rubicon, a non-profit organization that sends veterans and doctors to disaster sites around the world where they can put their skills to work.

“Veterans are simply looking to be understood,” Wood said. “They're looking to be challenged.”

“There's an opportunity for organizations like Team Rubicon, like Mission Continues, to provide veterans with perhaps that sense of purpose, that sense of mission that they had while they had the uniform on,” Wood added.

“My spirit is always uplifted when I visit with vets,” Bush said. “We've got a society that's incredibly comfortable and too many people saying, ‘oh, man, woe is me.’ Not our veteran community. They don't say ‘woe is me.’ They say, what can I do to continue to serve?”

“Our mission here at The Bush Center is not only to remind people that we have a duty to our vets, but to make sure that when they exercise that duty, it's done in an efficient way,” Bush added. “Jake, for example, I'll make a pitch for him. He does good work. Support his program.”