Jobs, the government and the economy are the nation’s top problems, a new poll suggests.

On a list of 12 issues, most people rated those three as the most important problems, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday. 

Nineteen percent say unemployment and jobs is the top issue, while 18 percent say it’s dissatisfaction with government and 17 percent say the economy in general. 

Only 3 percent say the gap between the rich and poor is the most important problem. President Obama has been ramping up efforts to close the gap in recent months. 

Other issues measured in the poll include poor education, ethics, foreign aid, poverty, immigration and the lack of money. 

The poll found only 1 percent said the situation in Russia is the most important problem. That rating comes as the United States and its allies announce sanctions against Russia, warning its government not to annex Ukraine’s Crimea region.

In a separate Gallup poll released Wednesday, a majority of the public named the economy, the budget deficit and federal spending, and the availability and affordability of healthcare as their top concerns.