President Obama admitted he was "a little technologically challenged" after mistakenly telling guests at a White House screening that he'd requested a copy of a film on a CD rather than DVD.

The slip-up drew laughter from the audience, gathered to see a movie on the life of Cesar Chavez, a Hispanic farm worker and labor activist. 

"The point is, I'm going to watch it this weekend," Obama said, according to USA Today, adding it was going to be "very lonely" with his wife and daughters visiting China on spring break. 

During a trip to the Gap in New York City last week, the president poked fun at his technological awareness. When the cashier told the president he could swipe his credit card on a countertop reader, Obama joked, "Oh wow, so you can sign the machine?"

He turned to reporters at the event to tell them he was joking.

"They had these around the last time I shopped," Obama said.

At the White House, Obama said that he was eager to see the film because Chavez's life demonstrated how dedication to causes paid off over time. Obama linked the United Farm Workers founder to his own pushes on immigration, the minimum wage, and income inequality.

"That is one of the great lessons of his life: We don't give up the fight," Obama said. "No matter how long it takes, no matter how long the odds, we keep on going."