Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) touted the economic successes Republican governors have achieved in their states during the party’s weekly address Saturday.

“Republican governors are balancing budgets by reforming education, pension, tax and regulatory systems. Most importantly, we’re putting policies in place to make our states engines of economic growth,” he said, speaking from the 2014 Governor’s Economic Summit in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Snyder has served since 2011 as governor of Michigan, a major hub for manufacturing and the auto industry. His state, he said, ranks first in recovering the most from the 2008 recession.

Michigan’s unemployment rate has also hit its lowest point in nearly six years, he added. Snyder said small business owners, entrepreneurs and innovators helped make that happen.

“That should be a lesson for the nation,” he said. “It's not about more and bigger government. It's about creating an environment for more and better jobs.”

Other states should follow in Michigan’s footsteps, he argued, by “getting spending under control, balancing budgets, freeing entrepreneurs from unnecessary regulation and letting the free market take off.”

Snyder praised the work of other GOP governors: Scott Walker (Wis.), John Kasich (Ohio), Chris Christie (N.J.) and Mike Pence (Ind.)— some of whom are potential presidential candidates in 2016.

While Snyder hasn’t publicly voiced interest in a White House run, his name has been floated as a possible contender.