Jon Huntsman said Tuesday that fellow GOP presidential contender Rick Santorum’s rise in Iowa polls offered proof that Huntsman can do the same in New Hampshire.

"I think Rick is bringing it home in Iowa. I think we're going to bring it home here in New Hampshire," Huntsman said, according to comments reported by the Los Angeles Times. He went on to call it a “trend.”

"I think it's directly proportional to the amount of time that people spend in the state,” Huntsman said. "The work that we've put forward in these states is being recognized — and we're being vindicated in a sense. It's isn't all about Facebook and Twitter; it isn't all about just the old artificiality of politics; it's still grinding it out on the ground."

Santorum jumped to third place in Iowa polls after struggling for the past few months in the single digits. Santorum credited his hands-on campaigning and showing his face in all 99 counties in Iowa.

Similarly, Huntsman has continued campaigning in New Hampshire this week even as the other candidates have flooded Iowa in hopes of placing well in Tuesday’s first primary event.

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad (R) and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) both have lambasted Huntsman for opting out of the Iowa competition, suggesting he’s sinking his own campaign.

“I think Huntsman should drop out, because he didn’t even give it the ol' college try in Iowa, and I think that’s offensive to the entire GOP and to the entire field in America,” Palin said Monday on Fox News.

Huntsman is polling in third place with 10 percent in a Suffolk University/7News polling of Republican voters in New Hampshire released Tuesday. But he's well behind leader Mitt Romney’s 43 percent. Huntsman earned 4 percent in the most recent Public Policy Polling survey of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers.