This nation has been downgraded,” Huntsman says in the ad. We have been kicked around as people. We are getting screwed as Americans.

Huntsman says the country is in not only an economic deficit but a trust deficit.

Im the person whos going to lead the charge on all of the above and not only fix the economic deficit but Im going to fix this countrys trust because were too good as people to be in the hole were in and we deserve better, he says in the ad.

The fundraising effort is another sign of Huntsmans ongoing struggles throughout the campaign thus far. He has fallen short of expectations in terms of fundraising and polling and is currently hoping a good showing in the Jan. 10 New Hampshire primary will reverse his fortunes.

Despite Huntsmans fundraising woes, a super-PAC, Our Destiny PAC, has released ads in the Granite State in support of Huntsman. On Tuesday the PAC reported spending roughly $370,000 on a media buy and production support in support of Huntsmans campaign.

(h/t: Kyle Leighton)