Newt Gingrich said if Mitt Romney doesnt win the New Hampshire primary, he should drop out of the race.

Look, this is one of his best states other than Utah and Massachusetts. If he doesnt win here, he couldnt stay in the race, the former House Speaker said Friday morning on ABCGood Morning America.

Polls show Romney leading in New Hampshire by a wide margin, and he is expected to win the state. Gingrich, meanwhile, is struggling to regain his campaigns momentum and has expressed frustration with the negative attack ads against him in Iowa, which were paid for by a pro-Romney super-PAC.

He has upped his attacks on the former Massachusetts governor in recent days.

On Friday, Gingrich mocked Romneys win in Iowa, where he virtually tied Rick Santorum for first place with an eight-vote victory. Gingrich came away with 13 percent of the vote in the Iowa caucuses, behind Romney, Santorum and Ron Paul.

In his so-called win in Iowa, having campaigned for five years and spent $20 million, he got 25 percent. Thats one out of four, Gingrich told ABC. Three out of four said no after five years of campaigning. Hes gotta get a majority somewhere. I dont think hes going to get a majority.

On Thursday, a Gingrich supporter suggested Romney couldnt beat President Obama.

I dont see how the Republican Party could nominate that guy and expect to win, former New Hampshire Sen. Bob Smith (R) told reporters on a conference call.