Rick Perry promised not to give up on the presidential race, comparing his focus on winning the race to his pursuit of wife Anita.

“For 16 years I pursued her. Don’t anybody get confused that I am not one of these guys that when I got a target in my sight, I don’t give up," he said Sunday night in South Carolina, according to ABC News. “If you want an analogy on this presidential race, that’s a good one there. The target’s in the sight and I’m not giving up. It’s not going to take me 16 years to get it done, though. We’re going to stay in here and make this thing happen.”

Perry announced he would step back to "reassess" his campaign following his disappointing finish in Iowa's caucus vote last Tuesday, in which he took only 10 percent. But he quickly signaled his intent to keep running, leapfrogging New Hampshire's primary taking place this week and launching a 15-day campaign tour across the third-voting state of South Carolina starting Monday. 

“I’ve never quit a day in my life," Perry said this weekend at a South Carolina campaign stop. "I have never quit in the face of adversity, and I’m not just about to quit on the future of America. I am going to stay in this race and stay in this fight because our children in this country are worth the fight."

Perry won over at least one of those children at the event, when approached by a 7-year-old who called him "amazing." ABC News identified the child as Gracie Wood.

"You’re not quite old enough to vote yet, are you?” Perry asked.

“No, sir,” she said. “But I’ll ask my mommy to vote.”