Jon Huntsman shrugged off a Public Policy Polling survey Tuesday that found him polling behind comedian Stephen Colbert.

"Well, when I was on his show recently, he promised me the Colbert bump. I think we're getting that here in New Hampshire," Huntsman said on Fox News. "Now I'm going to be looking for the Colbert bump in South Carolina."

The poll found Mitt Romney in first place with 27 percent support among South Carolina Republicans, followed by Newt Gingrich with 23 percent, Rick Santorum with 18 percent, Rick Perry at 7 percent, Colbert at 5 percent and Huntsman at 4 percent.

In 2011, the former Utah governor appeared on Colbert's show, "The Colbert Report," and during the sit-down Colbert offered a fictional "Colbert bump" to help lift Huntsman's low poll numbers. Since then, Huntsman has occasionally and lightheartedly mentioned that he's received the bump.

In the same interview on Fox, Huntsman said he would feel confident about his chances to do well in South Carolina if he performs well in the New Hampshire primary. Huntsman has staked his campaign's future on a good showing there, and hopes to use momentum to help win future primaries in other states.

"I feel good about South Carolina; I'll feel excellent about South Carolina if we can move this market in New Hampshire tonight, if we can somehow end with a respectable finish," Huntsman said. "That's the way you move the market down the street. That's the way South Carolina is going to come to life. Fundraising will be improved; it will improve our volunteer base. We've got to prove the ability of electability here."

Recent polling has found Huntsman gaining some steam in New Hampshire. A number of polls have found him in third place. On Monday, Huntsman's campaign released its schedule for Huntsman in South Carolina on Wednesday, suggesting that Huntsman's campaign expects him to move there after New Hampshire.