In a Las Vegas Sun editorial published Wednesday, Reid, along with former Nevada Govs. Bob Miller (D) and Richard Bryan (D), called Romney’s vision for the country “out of touch” and “disturbing.”

The editorial hit Romney for his time as an executive at Bain Capital. The company specializes in providing financial and management advice, often taking over distressed companies, which in some cases means massive layoffs.

“Romney claims his career in the business world as his chief qualification for office,” the editorial says. “What he doesn’t tell you is that his business wasn’t creating jobs but creating wealth for himself and his fellow corporate raiders. All over America, Romney’s firm closed factories, laid off workers and sent jobs overseas, yet somehow managed to walk away with millions.”

The attack is similar to what Romney has faced from his GOP rivals, who have called that line of work “vulture capitalism.”

Reid also reminded readers about the last time Romney was in Nevada, when he said the government shouldn’t intervene to help homeowners facing foreclosure, but rather should let the housing market “hit the bottom.”

Nevada has been one of the hardest-hit states in terms of housing and unemployment.

“We would rather have a president with empathy for the people who live in those houses, not for the speculators who want to flip them.”

The editorial is in line with the strategy the Obama campaign will likely take this fall, attempting to paint Romney as a wealthy corporate benefactor who doesn’t understand the plight of middle-class Americans.

The Romney campaign responded by saying that it's the president's policies that are to blame for Nevada's hardships.

"President Obama’s policies have been particularly devastating to Nevada,” said Romney campaign spokesman Amanda Henneberg. “The state has the highest unemployment rate in the country and faces a foreclosure crisis. Instead of helping middle class families in Nevada, President Obama has only made things worse.”

There is no recent polling data for the Nevada caucuses. However, Romney should have significant momentum coming off his overwhelming victory in Florida.

Still, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul have proven they can perform well in the caucus-style elections.

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