Clinton won't deny 'narcissistic looney tune' comments about Monica Lewinsky

In a case of silence speaking louder than words, Hillary ClintonHillary Rodham ClintonPerez mum on VP speculation McConnell: Trump needs to 'catch up fast' on fundraising Rubio: I hope I can trust whoever wins with the nuclear codes MORE did not deny dismissing Monica Lewinsky as a “narcissistic loony tune” after Lewinsky’s affair with her husband went public.

“I am not gonna comment on what I did or did not say back in the late 90s,” Clinton told ABC’s Diane Sawyer when asked if she uttered the quip.

The name-calling came to light when the private papers of Diane Blair, a longtime friend of Clinton’s, went public after Blair’s death.

Lewinsky reemerged in the public spotlight this past month because of an essay she penned for Vanity Fair, in which she gave her side of the affair and the subsequent fallout. Some Republicans — most notably a potential 2016 opponent, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul — have honed in on the affair as evidence of the Clintons’ “hypocrisy” on women’s issues.

But Clinton said she wasn’t fazed by Lewinsky’s return — that she’s “perfectly free to do that…but that's not something that I spend a lot of time thinking about.”

She was similarly blase about Paul's insistence that the affair is "fair game."

“You know, he can talk about what he wants to talk about. And if he decides to run, he’ll be fair game too for everybody," Clinton said.

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