“You never know — life is full of serendipity, and I have no idea what the years ahead hold,” Huntsman said. “But as for this cycle, we’re not going to be involved politically.”

Many political observers believe that Huntsman might be angling for a high-profile Cabinet position — including, possibly, an appointment as secretary of State in a hypothetical Romney administration. But if President Obama wins reelection, Huntsman could be looking to replicate Romney's path to the nomination, building up a campaign structure and fundraising base over the next four years.

Huntsman told the paper he had no regrets about the campaign — or that his father donated more than a million dollars to an outside political action committee supporting his bid.

“If you can walk away from a presidential campaign with a sense of dignity and your name still intact, and beyond that with the ability to live to fight another day, that’s about all you can ask for,” he said in the interview. “And that’s better than what most people are able to walk away from a presidential campaign with. ... I have zero regrets and only see it as something that was a win-win for our family.”

Huntsman also hinted at a future media gig, though he provided no details to the Tribune