Perry also said he will consider the possibility of running for president again, but said there are things he would do differently next time.

“We would have gotten into this race substantially sooner. And I wouldn’t have had back surgery the first of July,” he said. Perry blamed significant back pain and medication for some of his poor debate performances.

“There are a few things that as I look back on that were not particularly positive from the standpoint of how you would have ideally run a campaign,” he said. “For me to stay in, I was very convinced was going to be an impediment to the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney — from my perspective — and that is what I was about.”

Perry endorsed Newt Gingrich for president when he dropped out of the race just shortly before South Carolina voted. Gingrich earned first place in that primary.

Perry told Fox News he would support whichever candidate earns the GOP nomination.

Perry did not mention Gingrich when he delivered a speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., on Thursday. But he made his first public appearance since he dropped his bid for the White House last month in Texas, speaking to the Williamson County GOP Dinner, near Austin. He told Texans he’s still “got plenty of fight left.”

“I’m not slipping off in to the sunset. I’m not riding off into the West. We’ve got plenty of work to do right here in the state of Texas,” Perry said.

"I just went home, rearmed, reloaded my mags and I'm going to be fighting on a different front," Perry told Fox News.