Lin drained a three-point shot with half a second left to propel the Knicks to a 90-87 win over the Toronto Raptors Tuesday night. The undrafted Harvard point guard was living on his brother's couch and fighting for a roster spot just two weeks ago, but after a spate of injuries gave him an opportunity for playing time, the Palo Alto native took the league by storm.

The Knicks are undefeated since he began starting for the team, and Obama — who continues to regularly play pickup basketball games with friends — is impressed.

"It's just a great story, and the President was saying as much this morning. It's obviously terrific for the New York Knicks, but it's the kind of sports story that transcends the sport itself," Carney said.

Carney did not mention whether the president had reached out to the rising star, although he declared Obama "very impressed and fully up to speed."

Obama is visiting Milwaukee for a speech on the economy and tour of the Master Lock factory.

Obama has deep ties to the NBA, forming friendships with some current and former players. When the league's season was threatened by a labor dispute over the winter, the president had planned the "Obama Classic Basketball Game," a pickup game - and fundraiser for his reelection campaign — featuring more than two dozen of the sport's current and past all-stars. The event was scrapped, however, once the league and player's union came to a collective bargaining agreement.