Obama needs 'backup' in Seattle

Getty Images

Tickets to President Obama’s fundraiser in Seattle Tuesday night cost as much as $20,000, but that apparently wasn’t enough to secure a working microphone for the president.

Obama was midway through describing how he signed a bipartisan bill job training bill earlier in the morning, which the president described as a “shocking” development, when his microphone cut out.

“Uh-oh, see, you guys got us too excited,” Obama said. “What happened, everybody?  Do we have a back-up mic, WHCA?  Can you hear me back there?”

It was unclear whether the president was referring to travelng press in the White House Correspondents Association or the White House Communications Agency, which offers audio-visual support for the president and top administration officials.

An audience member then pointed the president to another microphone behind him.

“Might as well try it, right?  Testing -- one, two, three.  Testing -- one, two, three,” the president said, to no avail.

"That's all right. You know what? There weren't always mics around,” the president said.

“We can hear you,” an audience member shouted.

“You can hear me,” the president said, resuming his spiel on how Congress should work together to address the nation’s pressing issues without the aid of a microphone.

Shortly thereafter, Obama was presented with a new microphone.

“Oh, thank you,” the president quipped to laughter from the crowd. “Testing -- one, two, three,” he continued, drawing applause.

The event was held in a white tent near a pool at a private residence in Seattle. Approximately 250 guests contributed between $500 and $20,000 to attend, with proceeds benefiting the Democratic National Committee.

According to the reporters traveling with the president, several women took off their heels to stand on chairs in the back for a better view of Obama’s remarks.